BJP declares its Presidential Candidate’s name a short while ago. He is Bihar Governor Ramnath Kovind.
He was born in 1945, October 1st in Derapur near Kanpoor in Uttar Pradesh state. Basically, he is a lawyer by profession. But, he developed interest in politics and joined the BJP some four decades ago. Ramnath Kovind served as the president of BJP Dalitha Morcha. He also served twice as Rajya Sabha between 1994 and 2006. He has been serving as Governor of Bihar since 2015.
Now, NDA throws the ball into UPA Court to decide whether it will support its SC Candidate or put someone against him in the elections.
Ramnath Kovind will file his nomination papers on June 23rd. If, the UPA and its allies extend their support to him the elections will be unanimous or else will be held on July 17th. Results will be declares on July 20th. The present President Pranab Mukherjee term will end on July 24th.

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