AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said today is black day for the state because UPA government divided the state unlawfully and virtually ruined the state with bifurcation.
AP ministers, legislatures and the people take pledge at Benz Circle in Vijayawada conducted by AP CM during Nava Nirmana Deeksha on Friday morning. Speaking on this occasion, he said “Till today, I couldn’t digest the bifurcation of the state. UPA government divided the state despite seeing lakhs of people protesting its decision. Hence, people taught the Congress party a good lesson in the 2014 elections. But, they are still trying to fool us raking special status issue. Sonia Gandhi, being Italian national she preferred this date to divide the state that resembles her mother country Freedom Day. Hence, this day is considered to be a black day for our state as we were forced to accept bifurcation,” said Chandrababu Naidu.
He further said, “I accepted the special package instead of it keeping in view of the state economic and financial situation and my decision proved to be correct. Our state is gradually overcoming the financial crisis and stood in 5th place in the country per head income aspect. I am striving very hard to make our state stand in No: 1 position among the other states in the country. But, my efforts only are not enough to develop the state. I need all your support for this. Let us develop our state in such a way that those who divided our state and thrown us on to roads envy with our development.”

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