Veteran actor Chalapathi Rao is fondly called as ‘Babai’ in the film industry by one and all because of his jovial and friendly attitude. However, he shocked everyone with his rude and vulgar comments on women during the audio release function of film ‘Rarandoy veduka chuddam.’
During the program, when asked whether girls are injurious to health? Chalapathi Rao replied “I don’t know but I am sure they suit fine in the bed.” Obviously, the anchors and the people around shocked with his reply.
Although, the anchors somehow managed to overcome the shock and run the show as usually, his remarks on women is drawing severe criticism from one and all. Especially, people in social media strongly condemning the veteran’s remarks on women. However, Chalapathi Rao has not bothered to withdraw his comments and offered apologies to womenfolk. If delays further he may land in problems if someone complains to HRC.

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