NTR and director Sukumar have developed a good bond among themselves during the shooting of their super hit movie ‘Nannaku Prematho’ and it was visibly seen during the teaser release function of Sukumar’s own movie ‘Director.’
Sukumar invited NTR to this function and he obliged it. During the function NTR narrated his experience with director Sukumar.
He said “For the first time, Sukumar made me do one scene for 40 times in Nannaku Prematho movie. I took 40 takes for the ball sequence in that movie. However, it is not my fault. Sukumar is so impressed with the outcome of each scene that he wants to see how many variations can he bring out of me from that one particular scene. So he keeps taking the scene again and again for 40 times,” said NTR.
Sukumar said “I am quite impressed with his marvelous performance and dedication. He is Gem of the industry. I know people may be thinking that I am using my friendship with him to promote my film ‘Director.’ But, I think there is nothing wrong in it. Although, NTR becomes very busy with his next film, my heart is still hanging around him after doing a film with him.” Sukumar told a small story to explain his bond with NTR and the intention behind inviting NTR to this function.

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