Yesterday was a very eventful day. Mega fans cherished as one after the other, details of Chiranjeevi’s 150th film surfaced. However the joy did not last long as a controversy is brewing over the script of the prestigious project. It is alleged that the script was originally penned by an NRI, Vasudev Varma for Okka Adugu starring Prabhas and to be directed by Krishnam Raju.

An associate of Krishnam Raju was working with Gopi Mohan for the last 6 months to include some entertainment in it. Gopimohan narrated the story line to his friend, BVS Ravi who made few changes to it and impressed Chiranjeevi with that script.

Puri and BVS Ravi did not bother Vasudev Varma’s claims and announced ‘Auto Johnny’. Vasudev Varma says that script is already registered with Telugu Writers’ Association and All India Writers’ Association and he will fight out there.

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